Wednesday, May 30, 2012

June 2012 Newsletter

Hope everyone is having an amazing start to their summer!  I know I am.  

Just wanted to let everyone know of the few specials that are about to end and the ones that start on June 1st.  

May Specials

If you are interested in joining Pink Zebra, now is the time.  For the month of May only, when you join Pink Zebra, you will receive a $40 Pink Zebra gift certificate.  Kits start at $99 or $199.  Commissions start at 25%.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.  Pink Zebra will not offer any incentives for joining in June.  

June Specials

Junes Special is 15% off the fragrance of the month.  June's fragrance is Silver Driftwood.  It's a mix of green cypress softened with amber.  It's one of my personal favorites.

In June Pink Zebra is also offering a new scent, Napa Leather.  

I'm also attaching our June-August hostess incentives.  We have a brand new white linen shade for our simmering lights.  When you host a $400 party, you'll receive a 50% discount on a White Linen Shade, Simmering Light base kit and 3 jars of sprinkles (Orange Dreamsicle, Turquoise Water and Pineapple Delight.  

I have a few dates left for parties in June so let me know ASAP if you'd like to host a party.  Can't do an in home party, I can set one up online for you!  It's easy.

If you work or participate in an organization looking to do a fundraiser, Pink Zebra has a fundraising program where you will receive 40% of all the proceeds for your organization.  

Thanks again for reading and I look forward to hearing from each of you.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Vendor Fair

So I did my first vendor fair yesterday.  I am still worn out, haha.  

I found the vendor fair through google.  Although it was passed the deadline to sign up, I emailed the lady running the event and she said they still had spots open.  AWESOME!  I quickly sent in my check and started preparing.  

I had about 3 weeks to prepare for the event.  In those three weeks I also had a wedding, my college graduation and a TON of other things going on.  I made it a point to not procrastinate on getting things ready like I would normally do.  

I went and purchased things here and there for the event but never really sat down to solidify what I wanted my booth to look like.  The day before the event I dragged my husband down to Hobby Lobby with me.  OMG, Pink Zebra stuff everywhere!!!  I was so excited which left my husband super bored until he found the "man" isle with all the army men and model planes... which is where he spent most of the afternoon.  After dinner that night, I ran off to Staples to make a few things and then to Target.  Before I knew it, it was already 10 and I still had not packed or set anything up.  Packing everything up only took about an hour or so and then another 45 minutes to make samples.  My husband helped me with the samples and said he felt as though we were bagging up drugs, lol.  

I had to run to Wally-world the next morning because the night before I realized the picture frames I'd bought didn't stand on their own.  Luckily they were super cheap so I didn't feel bad spending money on them.  

Overall, the vendor fair was pretty fun.  A few other vendors said it was a slow day.  It took me 2 hours to eat my cheese and cracker lunch... to me, that's not a slow day, lol, but then again it was my first vendor fair.  I made LOT's of contacts not only with potential customers but with other people who host vendor fairs and things of that nature.  I kept getting the question... "What are you?" from people which made me giggle.  I loved explaining the product and often found myself telling people that our sprinkles weren't candy, haha.  Everyone I met had a great sense of humor and I love funny people so it all worked out.  I can't wait to do more of these!!!

On a side note... thanks to yesterdays vendor fair, I was able to make Pink Zebra's Quick Start 1!  WOOT!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Long time coming....

So, I wrote a while back about graduating and how it was a long time coming.  It was!

Like most kids out of High School, I thought that I had to go to college.  I was accepted to East Tennessee State University, however my parents didn't feel that I was mature enough to go off to college on my own so they asked that I stay home and go to the community college in town.  Reluctantly I did but when I went to register for classes, all they had were art or music classes left open.  I refused to spend my parents money on crap classes that didn't amount to anything so I worked two full time jobs instead.  I applied to go to Austin Peay State University to start the following semester.  It was closer than ETSU yet gave me the "freedom" I'd wanted.  Well... that only lasted one semester.  My parents were right, I was NOT ready for college on my own.  In order to avoid my dad kicking my butt for wasting an entire semesters worth of tuition, I joined the Marine Corps.

So there I was, 19 years old going into the military.  The Marine Corps.  When my recruiter asked why I wanted to be a Marine, I replied with "Go big or go home."  This has pretty much become my motto in life.  Anywho, in June of 2000 I was sent off to Parris Island, South Carolina.  On the bus-ride to the island I kept saying "What the hell am I thinking?"  I went to boot camp during the hottest part of the summer.  Made lots of friends, a few I still keep in contact with, and earned the title Marine.  ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I'VE EVER MADE.  

In 2002 while pregnant with my first daughter my Corporal told me that I could take college classes while I was enlisted.  SWEET!  I followed in her footsteps and started taking a class.  I didn't finish the class unfortunately.  The professor went on a rant the class before our final about how the people involved in 9/11 deserved every single penny they got because they didn't sign up to die, yet everyone in the armed forces don't deserve anything because they were stupid to sign up to die.  I was very pregnant and if you were breathing in 2002, you know what was going on in the world and how this could be very emotional for anyone.  Myself along with every single classmate walked out on her.  (She was teaching the class on a military base so her situational awareness sucked a little bit.)  I never took my final and failed the class.

In 2003 I deployed for the first time.  If memory serves me correctly, I took 6-7 college classes that deployment.  In 2005 I deployed and took 4-5 more and another class in 2007 on that deployment.  I took classes here and there between deployments when time allowed but it wasn't often.

In 2008, I decided that it was time to get out of the Marines after 8 years of service.  Through the grapevine I learned about a program called Troops to Students and signed myself up, which was pretty cocky to do seeing as how you were suppose to be recommended for the program.  I got all of my paperwork together, emailed it to the education office and showed up on Friday for my un-scheduled interview.  ;)  I walked in like I owned the place.  It was a group interview that the idea was that the commanding officer of Camp Pendleton would interview and choose 3 candidates to bypass the admission process to San Diego Statue University.  SDSU wanted more veterans because we brought diversity to the campus.  I was chosen as an alternate so I was pretty bummed although I hadn't really had any motivation to go back to school.  I had planned on working full time.  I got out in November and in December received a phone call asking if I wanted to interview again.  I had been on a couple of job interviews and thought "what the hey" and went to the interview.  I was accepted to the school and decided to turn down any further interviews for jobs.  When I went to meet my counselor, she informed me that I was transferring in with 72 college credits.  HOLY CRAP!  Between all of the classes I'd taken and my Marine Corps training I was over half way to a Bachelors degree.

Anyone who has been to college understands that yes 72 credits is a lot of credits, but if they aren't in the right classes/subjects then they are pretty worthless.  I was a business major when I started at SDSU.  I wanted to be a head hunter for major corporations.  I was taking ASL classes as my foreign language since I already had some basic signs down already.  The undergrad advisor for the Speech, Langauge and Hearing Sciences program walked in and asked if anyone wanted to minor in ASL.  Why not?  I signed up.  I made an appointment with him to learn more about the department because Speech Pathology and Audiology had never crossed my mind as potential degrees/careers.  After talking to him, I was in love and quickly switched my major.  I wanted nothing to do with Speech Pathology but everything to do with Audiology.  I couldn't wait to get started.  I finished my first semester at SDSU.... pregnant, lol.  I took the summer and fall semester off due to a million and a half Dr's appointments (I had placenta previa and a kidney stone which required a new kidney stent every 3 weeks as well as a lot of unusual unilateral swelling going on.)  Nothing too major but enough to ensure I was at the hospital for an appointment at least once a week.  I started back to school the following spring and because my road back to graduating. The following fall (2010 so you're not confused) I started my first semester taking all upper division courses.  I LOVE LOVE LOVED my Audiology courses.  I knew from the start that I was exactly where I was suppose to be.  This is what I was meant to do!

The following Spring, my husband received orders to the DC area so we would be moving a few months later.  I was always upfront with my advisor that I could possibly move and he always assured me that we'd get it figured out.  I applied to one school and was denied.  I had a 3.3 GPA and was denied.  WTF? !

I quickly found another school that wasn't passed the admissions deadline and quickly applied.  I wasn't officially accepted until I had been in class for over 2 weeks.  I was one year shy of my bachelors degree so I could only apply to 2 schools in the area or I'd have had to switch my major and start all over.  I took 7 classes (17 credits) in the fall and 8 classes (22 credits) this spring.  I was able to attend for 2 semesters, get my 30 credits and graduate this past Saturday with a B.S. in Speech Pathology with a GPA of 3.512 from UDC.

I'm on the left.
WOOT!  This past fall I also started applying to graduate schools to earn a doctorate or PhD in Audiology.  I will say, I NEVER want to go through that process again, hahaha.  If you aren't organized, applying for grad schools can be a nightmare.  Luckily I am organized and it was still a nightmare.  I started the whole process of just the paperwork, excluding the actual applications, last September.  I turned in my first application in January and finished my final one on February 15th.  I was wait-listed almost immediately at my 4th choice school.  My third choice school was a long shot seeing as how it was for a PhD in Neuroscience but why not, right?!  I was called in for an interview for my second choice school and wait-listed there the following week.  I had heard that my first choice for graduate school took their time deciding and it would be a bit before I heard back.  Nothing sucks worse that feeling like you inadvertently put all of your eggs in one basket.  I checked the mail religiously.  I was becoming a wreck.  I had already started applying for jobs and reapplying for a second bachelors in case I wasn't accepted.  The Friday before Spring Break I checked the mail... twice.  I sat in my car rummaging through when I felt a thin envelope from my #1 school.  I took a deep breath and prayed over the letter.  This was it, all or nothing.  I don't think I actually read the letter because as soon as I saw the words "conditional admission" I started screaming and crying.  My neighbor actually came outside because I'm sure she thought I was having a breakdown.  I had been accepted to my #1.  All I had to do was finish out my BS and mail in my transcripts.  =)

So as you can see, my degree was a long time coming.  I have met so many amazing people throughout the journey, especially this last year.  I have made friends for life and wouldn't trade any of the experiences for anything in the world.  I have take a little bit away from each person I met and in turn have become a better person.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Working for a direct sales company at times can be very time consuming!  If you think that you're going to make money by sitting on your butt doing nothing then you are WRONG!**

Ha, I love that show.  Anywho, I picked the girls up and came home.  Once they were settled in, homework was looked over and juice cups were made, I sat down to immediately start making labels.  Making labels takes forever when you want to ad graphics.  I had to make labels for my samples, address labels, labels for my catalogues as well as mailing labels for my graduation invitations.  

Side Note
I graduate in 2 weeks with my B.S. in Speech Language Pathology.  Long time coming.  I'll explain this later, it's a whole blog in itself.  

After I printed out the labels I sat down at the table and began labeling my invitations (sealed them up after licking them.  Why can't they make envelopes with grape flavored sticky stuff?)  and the labeled all of my new catalogues.  Made and labeled the samples then put it all together in envelopes to take to the post office tomorrow.  Sounds like exciting stuff eh?  LOL.  I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed spending all that time doing it.  

Anywho, so after finishing up a ton of stuff around the house I sat down to re-sniff all of my scents.  

Here is my top 11 (in alphabetical order):
  1. Apricot Ginger
  2. Citrus and Herbs
  3. Floral Breeze
  4. Fresh Raspberry
  5. Garden Lilac
  6. Green Fields
  7. Patchouli and Sandalwood
  8. Silver Driftwood 
  9. Stress Relief (mint and eucalyptus)
  10. Tahitian Lime
  11. Tropical Mango
So there you have it folks!  Not that too many people are reading.  Just trying to make some extra cash while in school!  

**I was in the Marines for over 8 years with three deployments.  I'm currently a F/T student working toward my doctorate so I know what work is.  Wanted to clarify before someone assumed I was being a drama queen. 

It's HERE!!!

Hello friends!

Well, I received my starter kit today!  WOOT!  I want to start by saying how impressed I am with the packaging and the quality of everything received so far.  It came in this super cute and super huge pink zebra box... which I immediately broke because I wasn't paying attention.  Totally my fault. Everything is packaged really nicely and in pink zebra boxes.   

So, here is a list of what comes in the $99 starter kit:
This isn't everything I got but I didn't want the
picture to be overkill.

  • all 44 scent samples
  • 8 pink zebra gift bags
  • 25 catalogs
  • 50 invite postcards
  • 50 order forms
  • 10 opportunity tri folds
  • 10 quick start tri folds
  • 4 sample lotions
  • a reed diffuser 
  • a glimmer kit
  • a large flare candle 
  • a simmering lights base & frosted liner
  • 2 shades for the simmer light
  • 6 sprinkles
  • your consultant guide
  • the big pink zebra box

**The following info is what I got in my kit but each kit varies in scents of items received**

So for the reed diffuser I received Stone Washed Denim.  The thought of the scent made me cringe when I first saw it but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.  I love that it has a top to it so you can close it up and save it for later if you decide to switch it out.  For the simmering lights I received the Paisley and "Bling" design.  Both are really cute.  I got the Vanilla cream square candle.  It was ok as I am not a fan of vanilla that much but a great looking candle none the less.  For my sprinkles I received: 
  • Garden Lilac (reminds me of my grandma!)
  • Spiced Vanilla (although I don't like vanilla, this one is swaying my vote)
  • Stress Relief
  • Cucumber Flower
  • Turquoise Waters
  • Tropical Mango.
So far Tropical Mango is one of my favorites.  Seriously yumm-O!  I'm in love and will be ordering more tonight.

After I got everything sorted and boxed back up, I opened up my testers.  Now, when I first ordered my kit, the thought of the testers coming with sprinkles made me cringe.  I kept thinking of peoples kids dumping out my testers and how on earth was I going to make a tester kit last for 6 months.  Have no fear... they thought this one through.  

Yeah!!!  No sprinkles being spilled all over the place!!!  This makes me very happy.

Today was also a great PZ day because not only did I get an order this morning, I also signed up a recruit!  =)  I'm very happy to welcome her to the team and I know she's going to do great as she has a very positive attitude and is really nice.  

That's it for now.  I have to go pick up the kiddos.  I'll post later to give you the list of the scents I'm in love with.  


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Introducing myself

Hello readers of the world wide web!

I am starting this blog in hopes of a few things.  One, I'd like to start blogging again.  Two, I intend to share my adventure of starting with a ground-floor direct sales company.  So here are a bunch of random ramblings of mine...

Personal stuff

  • I have been married to my best friend for what feels like forever.  Not in a "bad" forever but in an "I can't remember life before him" forever.  He makes me laugh and is the biggest nerd I have ever met.  He completes me!  (Ha, in case you haven't figured out by now, I have an odd sense of humor and I'm rarely serious, I laugh at life.)
  • I have two amazing daughters.  A is almost 10 and is quite witty.  She is very artistic and very independent.  Sometimes I look at here wondering where my first child went because she doesn't need me like I want her to. C  is going on 3 years old.  She is SO smart.  A little too smart.  She's in her "repeating" stage.  Right now she's always saying how "Daddy's ridiculous!"
  • I have 3 fur-kids.  One of which is a pit-bull who is the best dog ever.  
  • I joined the Marines at the age of 19 and was in for 8 1/2 years.  I LOVED it.  It's the best adventure I've been on so far and I miss it.  I met some amazing people and wouldn't trade the experience for anything.
  • I graduate with my BS in May 2012 and start toward my Doctorate in August.  I can't wait!!!!  I love what I study and can't wait to get started in helping veterans.  
  • I played roller derby for 2 years, even started my own league in VA.  I took a hiatus this semester due to lack of time but once I graduate in May, it's ON!  I miss hitting chics and getting aggression out.  It's all in good fun of course!

Pink Zebra Ramblings
  • I once worked for another direct sales company that is HUGE.  The area where I live was so saturated with consultants that I couldn't garner up any local business.  All of my sales came from out of state and relatives.  :/  
  • I signed up for Pink Zebra after hearing their competitors consultants talking about it.  Went home right away and googled!  (Don't we all?)
  • At the time, Pink Zebra had less than 1000 consultants.  You do the math, especially if you've been involved in DS companies before.  If you haven't, basically it equals out to being AWESOME opportunity.  
  • PZ is brand new.  I have 2 ladies above me in my "chain of command."  It's nice to know someone who had direct access to the company and can get my ideas where they need to go.  Some larger companies, it takes a lot to get that close.
  • The product itself is amazing!  The scents last a lot longer than any other scents I've ever warmed.  Seriously, just amazing.
  • I haven't even warmed 2 of the samples I got and I can smell them (a tiny teaspoon of sample) from across the room and it smells delish!!!
  • The products really sell themselves.
  • Pink Zebra has so many opportunities to enhance your income and do fundraisers.  I love it.  
I promise to blog often and about other things but wanted to share.  My stuff will be here tomorrow so look out for a post on all the scents as well as comparisons to other companies scents.